Destruction of documents with an industrial shredder in Loveland


The activities of any company are associated with a large amount of archival documentation. The number of securities grows every day, and more and more space is required for them. Moreover, the shelf life of most of them is no more than five years. Thus, the destruction of records is a necessary measure for most companies. You can try to do it yourself, burn or shred the paper with a shredder. But, in the first case, you may have problems with the fire department, and in the second, high costs with low productivity. And in both cases, problems with the law are possible, since there is a procedure for destroying the archive of documents, with which not all businessmen are familiar. It is much wiser to contact a specialized shredding in loveland organization.

For customers looking to quickly destroy archives, high-security archival documents have reliable equipment. The company’s equipment supports the destruction of documents in accordance with the 4th level of secrecy. An industrial shredder has no equal in terms of speed of waste paper destruction. Accounting documents must be kept in the archive of the organization for at least 5 years, then, after this period, the organization must decide what to do with them. Unfortunately, they cannot be thrown away, which is why there is such a service as “Destruction of expired accounting documents”. Archives are also accepted for destruction. Such archives can be a collection of stitched paper sheets of any format, folders, binders, or a collection of CDs. Special equipment and conditions of the destruction process exclude the possibility of further recovery and the use of the information contained in the liquidated archive. The organizational and technological process of accepting archives (or individual documents) for paper shredding in loveland co and their subsequent liquidation completely excludes: • transfer of archives (documents) or parts thereof intended for destruction to third parties; • leakage of information contained in such archives (documents); • full or partial restoration of information contained in such archives (documents).

Benefits of document shredding

free shredding in loveland documents on an industrial shredder allows processing significant volumes of documents in a short time: the capacity of our equipment is 250 kg / h; • due to special «cross» cutting, the documentation cannot be restored; • the equipment allows shredding paper of any density; • waste generated after document shredding is mixed, compacted, and sent to pulp mills as an excellent raw material for recycling; • the service is provided for both small companies and large organizations.

What do we offer?

Documents shredding in our company takes place according to the following scheme: 1. After the client’s request, we estimate the scope of work, agree on the cost of services and draw up an agreement in which we clearly indicate the guarantee of confidentiality; 2. The next stage is the delivery, sorting, shredding, and pressing of documents; a representative of the customer company may be present here in order to personally make sure that all documents are destroyed; 3. Drawing up an act and a report on destruction, preparation of pressed raw materials for sending for further processing.