Use of CBD in reducing cancer-related symptoms


CBD in reducing cancer-related symptoms:

CBD may help reduce some of the symptoms associated with cancer and the side effects associated with cancer treatment, such as nausea, vomiting, and pain. An older study looked at the effects of CBD and THC in 177 people with cancer-related pain who did not experience relief from pain medication.

Those treated with an extract containing both compounds experienced a significant reduction in pain compared to those receiving only the THC extract. It was found in a review that Sativex may help reduce cancer-related pain in some people. However, findings from studies examining the effects of cannabis and cannabinoids such as CBD on cancer-related nausea, pain and loss of appetite have been mixed. Although CBD may be helpful for some people with cancer, more research is needed to determine whether CBD should be used more regularly in cancer symptom management. One can easily get the cbd gummies dosage, best cbd oil for anxiety, and cbd oil capsules for sale from stores.

If you have cancer and are interested in using CBD or other cannabis-derived products, it is important to consult with your healthcare team. These products may not be safe, suitable, or effective for everyone with cancer.

Neuroprotective properties:

Researchers believe that CBD’s ability to act on the endocannabinoid system and other brain-signalling systems may offer benefits for people with neurological disorders. In fact, one of the most studied uses for CBD is to treat neurological disorders such as epilepsy and MS. Several studies have shown promising results, however research in this area is still relatively new. To reduce muscle spasticity in people with MS, Sativex has been shown to be a safe and effective way. It reduced spasms in 75% of the 276 people with MS who experienced muscle spasticity that was resistant to the drugs.

In another study, researchers gave 214 people with severe epilepsy 0.9–2.3 grams of CBD oil per pound (2–5 grams per kilogram) of body weight, there was a decrease in seizure by an average of 36.5%. Seizure activity of Dravet syndrome, which is a complex childhood epilepsy disorder, can be reduced in children with the help of CBD oil.